Some Bright Spots In The Housing Category

bright spot

After a very long time, the housing sector in the United States is looking healthy. Young people are looking to get their own houses which have resulted in home builders working hard to meet their needs.

July 2015 saw more sales in the home than in ten years. Home buyers bought family houses at the rate of 654,000. This is the highest price since October 2007 which is a 31% high than the previous year. The numbers could vary and it includes a small margin for error as well. Even keeping them aside, the housing market is on its way to growth and is looking to become great by 2016.

Home builders are looking at new housing units with a target of 1 million homes a year after April 2015. During spring 2009, the total sales were 478,000 homes only. The increase in real estate has resulted in a positive effect on the overall GDP of the country since the last eight quarters. There are some really good signs in the home pricing category as well.

For a very long time, the housing market has been suffering and builders were looking to see how they can ramp-up their production and increase sales. The numbers are now an example that housing is slowly catching up for better performance.