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Hot, Hotter & Hottest Summer In America


America’s warm weather hit the record books as June 2016 was the hottest ever. Federal Meteorologists have calculated that 2016 could record the most expensive weather disasters. The month’s average temperature in the 48 states in the lower region is 71.8 degrees which about 3.3 degrees more than the usual temperature. On Thursday, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said that the temperature has passed the Dust Bowl record in the year 1933. States such as Utah and Arizona have the highest temperature during summer.

2016 has been the hottest, wild and wet for the US. This is due to global warming and natural variability. Apart from being the hottest, this has been the wettest year as well. More than eight billion-dollar weather calamities have happened during the first half of the year. The calamities have been a combination of various ones such as storms, tornadoes and heavy rains which have resulted in extreme flooding as well.

These conditions should be a good example to demonstrate how vulnerable everyone is to climate change. It is not going to be easy to get adapted to the climate change. It is going to get more difficult because you cannot plan in advance to adapt yourself to severe conditions such as the West Virginia rainfall.