Month: August 2016

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Tributes Overflow As Fans Mourn The Death of Juan Gabriel


People from everywhere are pouring in their tributes for the music legend Juan Gabriel. The place where the singer’s name is engraved in the Hollywood Walk of Fame became like a shrine as people placed flowers, candles and balloons on the sidewalk.

Many people said that Juan is a legend in Mexican music. Some even skipped work so they could come and pay their tributes. The Hollywood Historic Trust kept flowers next to start. The memorial only grew through the day. Ayala who is from Mexico said that his music was able to lift her spirits and provide solace. Juan’s music helped her get through bad times.

music 2People at Amoeba Music said that they are extremely overwhelmed by the number of requests they’re receiving for getting the musician’s albums. Cashier Meggie said that the CD’s have been selling like hot cakes.

Gabriel, who was 66 died while he was in Southern California after his performance in Inglewood. He died at his home in Santa Monica. There has been no official statement on the cause of his death and the icon’s body has been taken to Malinow and Silverman Mortuary in Westchester. Many fans paid tribute by waiting on the sidewalk.

music 3Gabriel was born in 1950 and he was the youngest of the 10 children in his family. It was tough surviving in the family and his father was in a psychiatric hospital since Gabriel was a kid. Unable to take care of the kids, his mom sent him to an orphanage. In spite of all the challenges, he grew to became one of the biggest artists in Latin music. He has composed more than 1500 songs and his real name was Alberto Aguilera Valadez. One of his most famous songs Eternal Love was written thinking about his mom who passed away in the year 1974.

The musician will definitely live through his music forever in many people’s heart.

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Quick Analysis On The Euro Crisis

quick analysis

In the year 1992, a single currency for all European Union Counties, the Euro was conceived as a concept. During 2002, 19 out of the 28 member countries in the EU started using Euro as their official currency. The main reason for adapting to this currency is for economic prosperity and political union. However, for the past ten years, Euro has suffered a severe debt crisis, stagnant economy resulting in people losing their jobs. This has resulted in more disharmony and issues in many countries.


One of the new principles was that markets will achieve new employment strategies and efficient methods if governments could allow them to. One of the main roles of a government structure is to come up with measures that can fight against inflation and maintain a balanced budget. The EU membership places restrictions on the deficits and debts for the government as well.

Money rushed into countries like Spain resulting in inflation and increased prices. Germany managed to correct the situation by bringing down the prices. Germany did not increase the prices and deflation is very difficult to deal with than inflation. Whenever money is borrowed, they have to pay it back more in the Euro currency. This caused furthermore disturbances that were difficult to handle.


Countries having trade surplus should take strong actions to inflate the economy at the part with weaker countries. Surplus countries will impose charges on weaker countries. Trade deficits also cause problems. To fix this, the surplus countries must reduce their prices in line with the weaker countries they are trading with.

If one country started looking at an exit referendum similar to that of Brexit, markets will respond with more capital flight than it is right now. This will result in a huge banking crisis. The political and economic effect this will have will be very complex to deal with.

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Three Day Weekend: Blessing In Disguise


All of enjoy the long weekend that comes with a bank holiday. The three-day weekend means more time to do things we love, more time to be with family and more time go out with friends etc. It is very relaxing from the stressful weekdays. Just think if instead of being once in a while, if the weekends could come every week. Apart from leisure and relaxing activities, three-day weekends are also one of the steps for reducing stress, improve our economy and save energy for future.

Lesser working hours means less energy consumption. It is estimated that by adopting European style of working hours, we could reduce up to 20 percent in carbon emissions. When the US State Utah refined their working days with an extra hour from Monday to Thursday, they saved more than 1.3 million pounds.

Less working means lesser need to use office space, less lighting, less use of air conditioning facility and less time spent working on computers and no need to keep the computers working means less electricity as well. People also save on time it takes to commute from office home and vice versa. Therefore, by cutting down all this, we can save our environment.

weekend1Other societal impacts could be that people can spend more time with their families and other social activities. Taking care if children or elders and participating in social activities will also increase. In an experiment that was conducted in Sweden during the year 2015, it was observed that fewer work hours reduced sickness and boosted the productivity.

Instead of working more hours, companies should look at working lesser hours with improved productivity and more free time will certainly create a better environment and a safe world in future.

These changes might not happen overnight. Next time you have an extra day off, think about how you are contributing to the environment as well. A day off does not only mean more time with family but less carbon footprint too.

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